Navigating Work/Life Balance

Cincinnati, OH | Posted: 11/22/2015 | Author: April Koenig

Navigating Work/Life Balance

Why do we freelance? Usually it’s because we don’t want the day-to-day grind of office life, opting instead for a commute-free workplace. Or maybe we have young ones at home and being there for them takes priority over having a nanny or sitter. Whatever specific reason we like to give, being a freelance artist usually comes about because we want a better work/life balance.

 But sometimes we can lose sight of that balance. Changing deadlines, frequent family obligations, or any number of other distractions can make it easy to work crazy or late hours. Pretty soon you forget why it is you thought working from home would be a good idea. So step back for a moment, and keep the following tips in mind when balancing your home life with your freelance workload. 

Train The Brain – Keep work separate. A dedicated workspace, as we’ve discussed previously, is an essential part of freelancing from home. But just as essential is the mental aspect of separation. Turn your work brain off, just as you do a cellphone or laptop, when having family time. Obsessing over a project or email when playing with the kids blurs the lines that should be clear. Work time that seeps into family time means you probably aren’t getting the most out of either.

Be The Boss – You’re the boss when working from home, so act like it. Don’t take on so much work that your home life will suffer. Know what your limits are and don’t exceed them. It’s nice to have clients that trust you enough to want to give you a ton of projects, but you have the ultimate say in your workload. Not being able to say no to work means almost always having to say no to family. 

Assess…Often – Make sure to give yourself a good self-assessment on a regular basis. Taking inventory on hours devoted, scheduling conflicts, and personal well-being is an essential part of making sure a work/life balance is being tended to with care. Remember why working from home was beneficial in the first place, and keep regular track of making sure it stays that way. 

Don’t Be A Zombie – Stay inspired! As a creative you should be surrounding yourself with energy! Don’t settle for being on auto-pilot with work and life. It’s your home, make sure you keep the creative juices flowing with activities, hobbies and outlets for maintaining a strong work/life balance!

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