Paternity 101

Cincinnati, OH | Posted: 09/13/2015 | Author: Stuart Koenig

Paternity 101

More and more men are taking paternity leave. Traditional parental leave policies are giving way to an increasing acceptance of longer (and paid) paternity leave for new dads. And while fathers still tend to take less leave than moms, companies are starting to take heed. 

For instance, did you know Netflix offers unlimited paid paternity leave to new dads in the first year of their child? That’s correct. A full year. Facebook offers 4 months of paid leave for fathers, while Google offers 12 weeks. These companies are obviously on the forward fringe of generosity among those that accommodate paternity leave, but it goes to show that the movement is growing. 

Also, the once-present stigma of a man taking paternity leave is slowly dying of old age. High-profile executives, like Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook, have recently and loudly announced their choice of taking paternity leave. This can pave the way for those who may have once felt apprehension in breaking an old cultural norm.

Paternity leave also plays into the notion that parents want a 50/50 sense of shared responsibility in raising their child. Men want to spend more time with their newborn children, and a fair, equal parental leave police lets them do just that without fear of repercussions in the workplace.

As stated earlier, paternity leave lags significantly behind that of moms. Dads take only one day for every month moms take, per a Boston College study. Dads feel their work reputation suffers from too much time off, so 42% of fathers return to the office after just one week. And a full 81% return after two weeks, the BC study reports. 

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